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Already Gone

  1. Intro Already Gone 0:52
  2. Still In Love With You Already Gone 3:53
  3. Call My Name Already Gone 3:55
  4. Home Already Gone 4:04
  5. Matter of Time Already Gone 5:29
  6. I'm Your Man Already Gone 4:04
  7. Sunshine Already Gone 4:53
  8. Rain For Days Already Gone 3:50
  9. Seemed Like A Good Idea Already Gone 4:56
  10. It Won't Be The Same Without You Already Gone 5:22


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The Story

The Background

We were five guys, all established and respected musicians on the Houston music scene, four of us with mostly heavy metal and hard rock groups. (Johnny is the outlier here.) All of us with a love for The Beatles, melodic harmonies, the songwriting craft, and bills to pay.

Seriously. Who doesn’t like the Eagles?

Remember the bills? ^^ In the year of our Lord 2006, our collective individual projects weren’t making much headway in paying them, partly because tribute bands were becoming increasingly popular. None of us were willing to give up playing music regularly, but if we were going to play someone else’s music, it was going to have to be to a band that would challenge our musicianship. Preferably a rock band that became legend for intricate harmonies, iconic guitar-work, and forward percussion. The Eagles fit all those criteria, and Already Gone was formed.

The South’s Premier Eagles Tribute

Like all new bands, we started small, but word quickly got out that there was a new band that was winning over even hardcore Eagles fans, and as the crowds grew, the venues improved. Soon we were known as “the South’s premier Eagles tribute”, playing places like House of Blues, and touring regional theaters.

The true success, though, was that we formed a band of brothers; brothers who respected and complemented each others musical talents. And so, after ten years, we began writing again, songs inspired by the music we grew up on – Styx, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac – and slipping them into our sets. Before long, fans were requesting to hear our songs at our shows, along with the Eagles songs they knew and loved.

We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives

We still perform the greatest hits of the Eagles at every show, and probably always will. But now we also perform our own songs, including songs from our debut CD, The Open Road, and our newest release, 8-Tracks. We’re having a great time playing some of the best music ever written, and some of the best music we’ve ever written. Hope to see you at a show soon.  

Love, the band


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