Behind-The-Scenes From The Set of Call My Name

New Music Video Coming Soon!

We can’t wait for you all to see the video for Call My Name, our first single from our upcoming CD, 8-Tracks. It was directed by the fabulous Albert Gonzalez of Cold Creek Films (he shot our Witchy Woman video as well) and he outdid himself. We’ve attached a few shots from the video.

Most of the antiques you see in the scenes are family heirlooms that the band members brought in, including the photos in the background. (That’s a Philco behind Clint, but we also had a vintage RCA and a vintage Stromberg on set.) Speaking of photos, Johnny spent most of his scenes playing across from early pictures of Danny’s in-laws and Jay’s mother-in-law!

Like the books on the table, the specs perched on the end of Clint’s nose date from the late 1800s – early 1900s. The reason why you never see him actually wear them in the video is that the prescription is so strong that it instantly rendered everyone who tried them instantly blind. 😂

We’ll be posting more behind-the-scenes photos and stories, so tune in next, and share our site with anyone that you think might enjoy our music or stories.