Jay Guests On Podcast “Cover To Cover”

AG’s own master of the low end, Jay, was recently featured on The Album – Cover To Cover, a new podcast that interviews musicians about their favorite albums. Not surprisingly, Jay picked Revolver by the Beatles. ( We say not surprisingly because way back in 2018, when we did a feature on the band’s favorite albums, Jay listed Revolver as his first pick.)

We thought it would be cool for you all to be able to listen to the song in conjunction with the interview, so we reached out to Clint McMullen, host of TACTC, and asked him if we could use the interview as the spoken portion of a Pandora story. He graciously said yes, and now you can listen in bite-sized pieces, song-by-song. We’ve also included an excerpt here of Jay talking about the making of Yellow Submarine. Sounds like a good time was had by all, although we’re not sure that everyone involved remembered it.

Take a listen, and catch the entire interview here: