No More Cloudy Days

Already Gone has an unfortunate history with extreme weather events. Maybe our next crew hire should be a forecaster.

We’re continuing our tradition of choosing each year’s most extreme weather dates for band activities by going into the studio tomorrow to record new music.

If you’ve been keeping track, we:

  • had to cancel our 8-Track CD release show at House of Blues Houston the night Hurricane Harvey blew into town
  • damn near died from heat stroke by shooting the music video for Call My Name in record-breaking Texas heat
  • nearly froze solid playing to a sold-out crowd at Back Pew Brewery – some of you were there
  • drove to a show in Odessa during a freak ice storm

and are now hitting the studio during the lowest temperature event of the year (thus far.)

That’s not even counting all the other extreme weather adventures we’ve had over the years, like having to load out and drive home in the Memorial Day Tax Flood. Jay & his wife had to pull off the road for a few hours and let the worst of the storm pass over – thankfully they picked a high spot with good road access (purely by luck) and were able to get home that night, but some of our fans ended up spending the night stuck in their cars surrounded by rising flood waters.

Hopefully nothing like that happens on the way home from recording.  but even if it does, we’re not letting anything stop us from getting this new album out, not even extreme weather!