Rolling Stone Magazine Ranks The Top 40 Eagles Songs

A fan sent us an article from Rolling Stone Magazine that rated the top 40 Eagles songs, and asked us for our take.

Are these the greatest Eagles songs ever?

Yeah, we’re not going to fall into that trap. Trying to rate a band’s greatest songs ever is a subjective mess. We just know our favorites – to sing, to play, and to listen to.

What we can speak to is that the Eagles are arguably one of the most enduring and brilliant classic rock bands to come out of the 70s. Their diverse sound, covering rock & roll, soul, country, bluegrass, and funk, resulted in a string of hits that, for many of us, earned an enduring place in the soundtrack of our young adulthood. 

The depth and breadth of the Eagles catalog gave the Rolling Stone article plenty of material to work with, so much so that it’s kind of shocking to realize that the Eagles last “hit” was in 1979 and their last release of new material over sixteen years ago. That they’re still touring and breaking records – even as this article is written – is pretty incredible, and speaks to the indelible mark that this band has made on rock history.

We’ve put together a companion playlist for the Rolling Stone article, as you are undoubtably going to want to listen to the songs as you read about them. 

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