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WTH is a run-out groove, anyway?

As you might expect, we're all Eagles trivia buffs. Recently we ran across an interesting tidbit about the Eagles carving "secret messages" into their albums, so we featured it as a trivia question in our Facebook group. Only one member got it right. How would you do?

Where Can We Find….?

We’ve been hard at work making sure you can find us all over the internet. In fact, Already Gone is in so many places now, it's become necessary to publish a guide! From social media apps and streaming services to videos, we've got a way to get connected with us, so stop by and say hi!

It’s Almost Here!

This album has been a long time in the making. We were hoping it would be out much earlier than this, but 2020 happened. Still, we persevered, and the result is an album that we’re proud of. We can’t wait…

What a great show!

Already Gone, an Eagles tribute based in Houston, TX, played a fantastic show with Nightbird (Fleetwood Mac) last Saturday night at The Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, TX.